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Best Miami Dade Places for Real Estate Investing

Miami, and the Miami Dade county in general, have been a wonderful place for investors for years now. After all, most of Florida runs off of tourism, and this is the most apparent in the Miami Dade county. Because of this, investing into real estate here is all but guaranteed to bring in some profit. If you want to invest into rental property, you’ll have plenty of customers year-round in the tourists. On the other hand, you can also invest into property for sale, since a lot of tourists decide to stay. But, the real question is, where exactly in Miami Dade should you invest? We’ve put together a list of the best Miami Dade places for real estate investing to answer just that question.


Brickell is a neighborhood in Miami, and is considered as one of the best neighborhoods in the city. If you want to invest into rentals, this is the place to do it. Brickell is a neighborhood of high-rises and condos, which makes it a prime location for investing into rental apartments. Additionally, it’s a popular neighborhood because everything is so close. There are many shops, restaurants and entertainment very close by. This means that you’ll never go without someone renting your property. Of course, if you plan on investing into rentals, you should know how to manage your properties. If you’re unsure how to go about it, following some tips on property management is your best choice. Regardless, Brickell is a very safe spot to invest into. Even if something does go wrong, you are pretty much guaranteed to turn a profit and you can comfortably fix the issues.

Brickell is a popular, modern neighborhood which is perfect for investing into rental property.

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Palmetto Bay

Palmetto bay is the top choice if you want to invest into a house and then sell it. A lot of families are attracted to Palmetto Bay as it’s home to quality schools and the crime rate is fairly low. Additionally, houses in Palmetto Bay are comparably cheap compared to the rest of Florida, so it’s easy to find property to invest into. Another draw of Palmetto Bay is the fact that it’s a 30-minute drive away from downtown Miami. All in all, it’s peaceful, safe and family friendly, which makes it a prime location to invest into family homes. However, if you plan on moving into a property while getting it ready for sale, keep in mind that experts from recommend working with professionals to get moved in. After all, amateurs might damage the property, which is obviously bad whether you want to live in it or not.

Key Biscayne

Almost everyone has dreamed of living on an island at some point. And this is what makes Key Biscayne one of the best Miami Dade places for real estate investment. Key Biscayne is a small island on the east side of Biscayne Bay, connected to the downtown core via the 913. It offers suburban living, with easy access to the downtown. It’s also considered to be the second safest place in Florida. Expectedly, property on Key Biscayne is fairly expensive. Houses on it go for around 1 – 2 million dollars per. This makes Key Biscayne the perfect spot for investing if you want to turn a lot of profit. The only drawback, obviously, is that because of the price you need to already have a lot of capital. Still, if you want to invest here, you should look into how to prepare yourself to negotiate to buy a new property.

When it comes to island living, you can’t go wrong with Key Biscayne, and this is why it’s a wonderful investment opportunity.

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Indian Creek Island

If you’re already an experience real estate investor, and you have a lot of capital, then Indian Creek Island is where you should go. Indian Creek Island is famous for being where a lot of rich people live, and the area has been nicknamed “Billionaire Bunker” because of it. Getting access to Indian Creek Island is difficult, and buying property on it as all but exclusive, however if you want to turn a sizable profit on a property it’s worth the effort. Houses on Indian Creek Island usually go for around 1 – 2 million dollars, and if you’re tempted to move into the property yourself, make sure to find help in the area. After all, only local movers will be able to ensure that your belongings arrive on time and undamaged. And whether you’re moving in or moving furniture to prepare the home for sale, you don’t want anything damaged.


Last on the list of best Miami Dade places for real estate investment is Pinecrest. What makes Pinecrest unique on this list is its community, as a lot of highly educated professionals call it home. Houses in the area are typically around $1million on average, and there’s always more educated professionals looking to move in. This makes Pinecrest an excellent spot for investing into houses, as there’s no shortage of big spenders. The area also features a market with local products as well as many bike paths and parks, which attracts a lot of people to it. When investing into Pinecrest, you are almost guaranteed to turn a profit no matter what you do. Still, if you’re considering the area, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of properties and their pros and cons first. This knowledge will help you no matter where you want to invest, realistically.

A peaceful coastal spot attracts a lot of people to it, which makes Pinecrest an excellent spot for real estate investment.

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Best Miami Dade places for real estate investing – closing thoughts

The Miami Dade County has always been a great place for real estate investment. After all, the state sees a lot of tourists year-round, which means that there are always people wanting to rent properties to stay at. And, of course, there are also those who want to stay in the country after falling in love with it. Either way, you can easily turn a profit by investing into properties and either renting them or selling. There is also a constant need for housing, so you basically can’t lose out on your investment. We hope this list of the best Miami Dade places for real estate investing helps you turn a profit, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

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