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Designing Your Home To Sell (And For The Best Price)

There is a sense of normality returning to the world after a harrowing eighteen months. Some homeowners find themselves wanting a change of address after being confined to their homes for extended periods of time, and with the economy starting to gain traction again, property sales will increase, making this an ideal time to make a move. Today we’ll talk about ways in which you can design your home to sell, and for the best price at that.

Paint and Polish

Few things are as unsightly as faded, or worse, peeling paint. It gives a potential buyer an immediate feeling that the property is neglected, and they’re not likely to even want to set foot over the threshold. Repainting your home will not only update it, but make it stand out among other homes in the neighbourhood. If your home has wood on the exterior, for example, windowsills, door frames, or even patio steps, give them a coat of polish a day or two before the showing to give them a shiny appearance.

Gorgeous Garden

A well-kept garden is not only pleasurable for the residents of the property, it can enhance the look of the neighbourhood as a whole. Curb appeal is one of the key factors that any potential homebuyer is looking for, so make sure that your garden is gorgeous. Mow the lawn regularly, clear the paths of debris, and stage the space to showcase its multifunctionality. There are many ways in which to do this, including making use of log cabins which often double as outdoor entertainment spaces or a spare room for guests.

Smarter than Others

Right now, smart homes are still few and far between, which sets them apart from conventional homes. This is not likely to remain the trend for long as technology continues to improve and a younger, extremely tech-savvy generation finds themselves in the property-buying market. Investigate the different options of smart additions for the home and decide what suits your budget, although it is probable that you will recoup your investment once the sale is finalised. Adding smart appliances to your home will certainly make it a more desirable one to own than its ‘analogue’ counterparts.

Light, Luscious Light

Making the best of natural light will benefit your bank balance too. A house filled with large windows that allow much natural light into the space are naturally more inviting spaces. They’re also less likely to have problems that are related to dampness, mould, and mildew. During the summer, when the days are longer, you’re also not going to need to switch on lights as early as you might if you purchase a darker property.


As with natural light, a home that is insulated correctly will also save on energy usage. The initial capital layout may be somewhat substantial, but knowing that your home will be cooler in the summer months without the need for air conditioning units, or warmer in the winter without a heater or electric blanket will definitely appeal to both budget-aware and carbon-footprint-conscious home buyers alike.

There are many other tips we can offer, but this is all we have time for today. Good luck on preparing your property for listing, may it sell quickly, at the best price, of course!

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