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Everything To Know About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing A House

It is also essential to consider the number of members in your family and whether it is expanding when choosing a house with 33 realty. Small apartments are usually the best choice for those who live alone or start their lives together. Smaller homes have the potential for overcrowding, causing stress and coexistence problems.


1 – Adopt One (Or Several) Pets

Many buildings do not allow the entry of medium or large animals. Some do not prohibit it, but barking or noises can cause disaffection among the residents. This can be an obstacle when it comes to finding your ideal home.

If you are a pet lover and intend to live with several animals, perhaps this is a point to consider carefully! Homes usually have more space, and a backyard can be essential for anyone who loves animals (significantly bigger ones!).

2 – A Backyard To Call Your Own

One of the most attractive factors of homes, and ample leisure space, is decisive for many first-time buyers. Many buildings have swimming pools, courts, ballrooms, and collective spaces in general. But beware: this can only increase the condo fee if you don’t have the time or willingness to use these areas.

In a house, the yard is yours: you decide what to do with it. And having nature close by can be a decisive factor for those with children or animals. A lawn? trees? Pool? Dog houses or gardens? Everything is possible within your budget and available space.


1 – Travels A Lot

In the case of a home, you will be responsible for the family’s safety within the home. Whether automatic or the guard of your new neighborhood, you can hire security services, but know that it will be your responsibility to make the best decisions regarding the subject.

Tip: research the safety of the neighborhood where you want to live. Access the neighborhood guide developed to help you make that choice!

2 – Extra Expenses

Living in a condominium, the monthly fee is mainly used for repairs and maintenance. In a house, the only one responsible for this is you. Sewer clogs, broken garage floors, cracked windows from heavier rains. All of this must be resolved at some point, and your budget may suffer from these unforeseen circumstances.

Tip: invest in a small “condo savings”: calculate the monthly fee with 33 realty you would pay if you lived in an apartment and save that money every month. So, when your home needs urgent repairs, you’re ready!

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