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Few Questions That You Must Ask Your Contractor Prior to Installing New Flooring

One of the most important things is to choose any good flooring contractor whom you can trust.  Unless you choose a trusted contractor, chances are that you may regret after spending your hard-earned money. You may get information about good flooring contractor either from flooring shops or from your friends who must have installed a new floor.

It is always best to get offer from at least 3 different contractors in your area and each of them may have different perspective and you can learn from each of them by asking following few questions besides getting their price.

  • Are you licensed/insured?

You must start your conversation with this question and if the contractor is not licensed or insured then you should never hire such contractors because if ever there is an accident in the site then you will be held responsible.

  • Can you give reference to your past clients?

It will be necessary to get certain feedback about the work conduct and professionalism of your chosen contractor for flooring and by calling any ex client you will get all those details. A good contractor will not hesitate to offer you a reference.

  • How long will you take to complete the job?

This is one important question as your home will remain disturbed till the completion of your flooring work, particularly if you have taken up home renovation.

  • Will the doors have proper clearance after floor installation?

While installing new flooring, homeowners need to check with the contractors whether your doors will have sufficient clearance to open it without snagging on your floor. In case any interference is found then doors need be trimmed before installation.

  • Whether you floors will be kid/pet friendly?

Make sure from your contractor about your flooring choice and let him air his opinion about the right selection of flooring material that suits your choice and budget.

  • Whether my foundation is sufficiently stable for supporting new flooring?

Most often a major concern remains while installing any new flooring is about the foundation of your home. Any licensed contractor will be able to determine whether your home’s foundation is good enough for installing new flooring.

  • Will you provide non-allergenic flooring?

Usually, any hard surface flooring will be better for allergies as it will be easier to clean. Unlike carpet, it does not harbour dust and pollen. Most experts suggest for solid hardwood, tile or engineered wood for best results especially against allergens.

  • How can I ensure better quality of service while selecting new flooring?

Multiple factors like comfort, cost and aesthetic features need to be considered however, while researching about the flooring and the installer, always ask right questions to ensure you receive quality service that you are looking for.

  • What kind of warranty/guarantee you offer?

You must ensure from carpet contractors about warranty/guarantee about your flooring after the installation, so that in case any problems noticed in the future then they should offer their free services to fix the issue.

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