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Find an Agency to Help You Move in Oslo

Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience. Your new place may be bigger or located closer to work or family. Perhaps you’ve just begun a relationship and are moving in together. No matter how much you are looking forward to living in your new house, it is a lot of work. Moving can be one of the most difficult and stressful chores there is. That’s when you realize how much stuff you actually own. Getting it all packed and moved to the new place safely isn’t easy. Especially in a large and busy capital city like Oslo. Fortunately, there are moving agencies that can do the job for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one.

The Rule of Three

Three is the magical number that works for most things. When choosing a moving agency, check out at least three. Have them come and look at what needs to be moved and get an estimate. You can then choose the one that you trust most and is most cost-effective. Selecting the first agency you come across without looking at others is just asking for trouble.

Ask People You Know and Trust

There are so many moving agencies that it can be overwhelming doing an internet search. Talk to family, friends and coworkers. Discuss your needs with people you trust who have moved, preferably recently. See which agencies they recommend. They may have companies to avoid as well as those they trust. Firsthand experience is usually a good guideline. Even if one of your loved ones only has a bad experience to relate, at least that’s one agency you can eliminate from the list.

Check the Address

This is a good idea no matter what kind of business you’re vetting. Check that the address listed on a business card or website is listed in the telephone directory under the agency’s name. If the address is listed as a residence, be cautious. Also, be wary and investigate further if the address is a postal box rather than a street address.

Look for Online Reviews

Search for reviews by the agency’s past customers. Don’t just look at the rating, read a number of actual reviews. You want to know exactly what people liked and didn’t like. Be opened minded when reading reviews. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to throw out the highest and lowest ratings. Some people like to gush and others complain about everything. Do your research and get a good sense of how people feel about the agency and its service.

Check for License and Insurance

Make sure the agency you are considering is licensed with the appropriate business or transportation bureau. This will ensure there is oversight in case of a problem. You also want to be certain the agency is insured. No matter how careful they are, accidents happen. In the event that any of your things are lost or damaged, or either your old or new home is damaged, you want it covered by insurance. Otherwise, the agency may not pay right away or at all. You could end up covering the cost yourself and having to file a lawsuit to recover your damages. That can be expensive and time-consuming.

Keep an Eye Out for Negative Signs

If an agency is not reputable or trustworthy, there will often be signs, some subtle, that something is amiss. For example, if the agency asks for its fee or a deposit upfront, that is a red flag. Reputable companies generally don’t ask to be paid before the job is complete. During the estimate, look for signs of professionalism such as being on time, answering questions confidently and being careful while in your home. Failure to do any of these things is a reason to pass on the agency. Also, don’t hire an agency that uses a rented truck rather than one of their own.

When it comes to moving in a large city like Oslo, you could use some help. Hiring a quality moving agency will make the job much easier and less stressful. Be careful to vet any potential agency carefully. Using these tips can help to avoid problems and make your move nice and smooth.

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