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Handy Discusses Factors for Selecting Right Stone for Your Kitchen


According to Handy, it is important to select the right stone for your kitchen since the type of stone you choose can have a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. Every material has its pros and cons and it’s important to consider them to make a sound decision.

The Factors

Here are a few important factors to consider when selecting the right stone for your kitchen:

  1. Your budget – Your budget is one of the most crucial factors that you have to consider when selecting kitchen stones for your kitchen. Typically, you have to spend more money on purchasing natural stones compared to engineered stones. Other factors that determine the cost of stones include their availability, demand, thickness, cut, and more.

It is also important to consider the cost of installation and maintenance requirements when comparing different types of stones since they can cost a lot in the long term.

  1. The appearance – It is natural for people to select stones for their kitchen that look marvelous and avoid the ones that look dull or unexciting. Generally, man-made stones feature a uniform texture and pattern since they are designed in that manner. Of course, you can find artificial stones that have different streaks of color pigments to make them more beautiful.

However, natural stones have a more natural and non-uniform color and shade that give them a touch of originality and make them seem more exquisite.

  1. Durability – Whether you select natural or man-made kitchen stone, it is crucial to choose a stone that is tough and suitable for use in the kitchen environment. It should be durable and tough enough to resist heat and scratches. Typically, all engineered stones are made hard, but the hardness of natural stones can vary a lot.

For instance, granite is more durable and resilient than marble. Thus, if you have children at home or you have to use the kitchen more than thrice a day for cooking, it is important to consider whether you want to play it safe by choosing a stone that is naturally more resilient or focus on its appearance according to your lifestyle requirements.

  1. Maintenance requirements – It is important to consider the maintenance requirements of kitchen stones before making the final decision. The level of care required is different for every kitchen stone depending on its hardness and characteristics.

For instance, natural stone needs to be cleaned frequently and requires a high level of care. They are naturally porous and allow fluid and stains to seem through their surface. As a result, they need to be sealed every 2 years. Without resealing and regular cleaning, stones such as marble can get stained pretty easily.

Since engineered stones such as quartz are not porous, they don’t absorb stains and liquids and don’t require a high level of care and maintenance.


Handy suggests you purchase your kitchen stone from a reputable vendor to ensure their quality and have the option to select from a wide range of choices. Also, ensure that they are installed properly in your kitchen to avoid any unnecessary issues.

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