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Is Real Estate Work a Fit for You?

Do you like talking with people? Interested in housing and communities? Like solving problems? Looking into career options?

If you said “yes” to those questions, maybe working in real estate would suit you. In California, a start would be to get a license to be a real estate salesperson. That preparation can ready you for teamwork with a variety of companies in the business, such as Steven Taylor Los Angeles.

Study, Apply and Get Ready to Sell

Working toward a license will take time, study and connections. Those steps may seem challenging, but becoming a real estate salesperson can open doors and lead to a rewarding career.

To get a real estate salesperson license, you must meet qualifications, submit proof of completed, required course work and pass a written test. The California Department of Real Estate administers examinations and the licensing program.

Meet Requirements Set by the State

Qualifications and requirements to be a real estate salesperson include:

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Character and background: You must be honest and truthful. Having a criminal conviction could mean denial of a license. Fingerprints will be required.
  3. Academic preparation: You’ll need to complete three college-level courses on real estate principles, practices and a related topic. Courses must be taken at an accredited institution or a private real estate school offering an approved program.
  4. Residency: You don’t have to live in California as out-of-state residents may apply for licenses. California doesn’t have any reciprocity agreements with other states that would permit waivers of requirements.
  5. Experience: No experience is required to apply for a salesperson license.

The California exam for a salesperson license includes questions on seven major real estate topic areas. Some test subjects include property ownership, land use regulations, financing, property valuation and pertinent laws.

Find a Sponsor, Create a Network

A real estate salesperson is required under California regulations to work under the supervision of a licensed broker.

Doing online research will help identify possible sponsors and help focus on factors you consider important to finding the ideal job. Real estate jobs vary as do the types of properties. Companies may deal with single-family homes, residences in gated communities, apartment rentals, commercial parcels or multi-family properties, such as those managed by Steven Taylor LA.

Start a Career Path With Sales

Other career levels and options are ahead. Courses and sponsoring companies can support your interest in becoming a broker or otherwise applying your entrepreneurial interest in real estate.

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