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Real Estate Sale Procedure

The real estate sales process can prove to be quite hectic if not done in an organized manner. However, choosing a good sales procedure will not only save time and effort but also will leave a good impact on your clients. But what does a good sales procedure look like? If you’ve selected an estate agent and agreed to pay their fee, then for sure they will help with the process.

Let’s have a look at the steps a realtor should take for making a real estate sales procedure hassle-free and easy-going.

Listing Preparations

This step of preparing for your listing can easily be done in three simple parts, but before that, make sure that everything is perfectly organized. The three main parts are as follows :

●    Preparation

You will agree to the fact that you can create a good relationship with your clients only when you know what they exactly want. As a realtor, in this step, you will have to do some research on your clients. Ask them about the reason behind the selling of the property and the amount they are expecting. Know every tax-related detail before finalizing the deal.

●    Staging

As soon as you have made good and trustable relationships with sellers, start looking for ways that can help you in portraying their property as appealing property to potential buyers. Ask for some professional and good photos of the property from the seller. Staging a property increases the chances of the property being sold in a very short span of time.

●    Promote

After staging, your next priority should be the promotion of the property. Promote the photos of the property in different real estate magazines and websites, choose suitable marketing channels and focus on branding.


This is one of the most crucial parts of the kinnisvara müük procedure. Set a price for your seller’s home according to the similar-sized properties sold in the neighborhood. Keeping a very low price can create an image that it has some fault, and keeping too high can lead to a loss of buyers. Use tools to calculate the most appropriate price by taking the assistance of the seller and also consider all the improvements made to the property.

Property Displaying

Once you are done with pricing and promotion, start looking for potential buyers. You can choose different options for showing the property to the buyers. One option can be the open house, where you can bring all your buyers on a particular day recommended by the seller. After that, those who show their interest in it can be called for private viewing.


After getting a buyer, start all official preparations. Inform the buyer about all the terms and conditions, and make sure they don’t have any issues with the pricing, but if they have, be open for negotiations. If you have several buyers for the property, look for the best offer they can give to you and finalize the deal with them.

Close the Listing 

The final step includes paperwork and a last inspection of the buyer. Take the buyer to the property again, and make sure they are fully satisfied by investing in the property. If they face any issues later, then your goodwill may get hampered. Make a final deal, sign the papers, and hand them over to the buyer.

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