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The Cost of Deck Restoration in Kansas City (& Questions to Ask)

Your deck should be a comfortable place to enjoy the day with family and friends, not an unsightly or unstable surface. If you’ve noticed your deck in Kansas City sagging in the center, uneven boards, or it’s looking in poor repair, it’s probably time to consider having it repaired. The amount of repair a deck needs will be a significant factor in deck repair cost. 

Factors In Calculating Deck Repair Cost

Decks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is why deck repair cost is so wide. The size, materials, labor, delivery fees, extent of the repair, and even where you live in Kansas City will affect the cost of your deck restoration. 

Deck Size

The smaller the deck, the less it is to repair or restore. One of the first questions a professional for deck restoration in Kansas City will probably ask is the size of the deck and the materials, so you’ll want to have this information on hand. You can expect to pay, on average, roughly between $10 and $50 per square foot for deck repair costs. 

Deck Material

The material of your deck will also affect the price since some materials are much more expensive than others. On average, the range is $3 to $45 per square foot. Cedar planks are one of the least expensive, and many people prefer them; however, others prefer the more expensive composite or recycled materials that resist weathering and last longer. 

Labor and Permit Costs

A portion of the cost of deck restoration in Kansas City is labor and permit costs. The cost depends on current market rates and how long it will take to repair the deck. Usually, you can expect to pay between $100 to $500 for labor, but this could increase for a full deck replacement. 

Most of the time, deck restoration doesn’t require a permit however, there are times when you’ll need permits, especially if you’re making a lot of changes to the deck. You’ll want to talk to your local authorities to find out for sure if you need permits or not. 

Delivery Fees

If your deck restoration project requires a lot of materials delivered to your house, fees could be at least $50. Some deck restoration companies in Kansas City will include these fees in their total prices, or they could be a separate fee if the lumber company delivers the wood directly. 

The Extent of Restoration Needed

Some deck restoration projects in Kansas City are as simple as sanding and staining a weathered deck. However, if deck boards need to be replaced or if repairs are needed to the joints or the deck’s foundation, it’ll be more expensive. 

Time Of The Year

In late winter and early spring, deck repair is more popular, with people wanting to start sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. But if you wait for late summer or early winter, you’ll find that the repairs are less expensive and the wait time isn’t as long. You may want to ask your professional deck restoration agent about the difference in costs if you wait for a few months. 

Geographic Location

When getting a quote on your deck restoration project in Kansas City, where you live matters. The cost in urban areas tends to be more for construction projects than in rural or suburban areas. You’ll also see increased prices in areas with a lot of residential construction. 

Disposal Costs

Some companies will charge you a fee for disposing of old materials, especially if the project is a full demolition. This cost could run as high as $500, but it’s best to ask the contractor specifically. 

Additional Costs To Consider

  • Repair Vs. Replacement
  • Prep Work
  • Demolition Costs
  • Site Elevation
  • Pest Control
  • Mold Or Mildew Removal
  • Sealing or Staining

Do I Need To Restore My Deck?

There may be no visible issue like broken railings, mold, or warped boards but if the deck is at least ten years old it should have the joints inspected to make sure it’s still structurally sound. The inspection should also let you know if you have any pest infestations that need addressed. Otherwise, mosst decks will have obvious signs of needing repair. 

DIY Vs. Hiring A Professional For a Kansas City Deck Restoration

Some deck repairs are quite easy and a homeowner should do them as part of their regular maintenance. For instance it’s a good idea to add any missing screws or nails when it’s clear there’s no significant damage that caused the problem. And if only a rail or two is damaged you’re pbobably good to replace it yourself. Many homeowners also take on the job of power washing their deck each year. But beyond these basic tasks most deck repairs are best left to the professionals so you know they’re done right. 

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