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The Home Office And The Change In Property Preference

The home office was already considered a trend, even before the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Many companies were already adopting remote work on certain days of the week or specific occasions.

However, the social isolation resulting from this pandemic forced companies to adhere to remote work, anticipating this practice gradually being implemented globally.

Practice Of Home Office

Cultural changes and changes in society’s lifestyle have changed the way personal residences are built. The practice of home-office sharply in recent months may be changing people’s perceptions of the characteristics of desired properties of keyrenter houston.

For a while, there was a perception, especially in large urban centers, of living in residence at night after returning from work. Therefore, the real estate market understood a greater demand for small apartments, which only served what was necessary to spend a little time in them.

With the greater adoption of the home office and the change in social behavior concerning the viral spread of the coronavirus, people are considering properties more suitable for these changes. Residences that value multifunctionality, with larger spaces and more rooms, may prove to be more suitable and easier to adapt to the needs of working and spending more time at home.


A group tried to identify, through a survey, what changes in the desired property after the pandemic. Those interested in buying a property chose the following characteristics as being most important:

  • 65% prioritize view/unobstructed view
  • 64% want a balcony
  • 63% want a neighborhood with more commerce
  • 56% with more bedrooms.

The importance of more significant properties, with more bedrooms, open views, and a balcony, is more perceived by those who want to buy a property.

The extra bedroom tends to be more desired by people, mainly because it is possible to adapt it into a home office space.

Another survey, by the real estate portal Rightmove, carried out with residents of the city of London during social isolation, indicated that the most desired feature in the purchase of a property was the provision of an extra room dedicated to work. Another feature mentioned was the provision of two or three bedrooms in residence. The same survey refers to changes in this preference in periods before the coronavirus, which indicated a higher ranking of characteristics such as more expansive kitchens, better external appearance, and several bathrooms. More than half of the respondents confirmed that the “lockdown” had influenced the choice of a new home.

We can begin to understand that preferences when choosing a residence with keyrenter houston are changing, and some characteristics are gaining more importance than others. Characteristics considered functional have gained more relevance about the characteristics of surface appearance. Other decision-making factors previously seen as “vanity” become important as people spend more time at home, such as balconies and broader views.

In addition, the more significant number of rooms with the possibility of having a space for work becomes more critical.

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