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The Most Common FAQ’s Answered About Small Fibreglass Pools

Backyards are getting smaller, and you’ll find a lot of people are choosing more modest pools for their homes than once previously to accommodate. If you are considering a pool for your place and you’re leaning towards a smaller version, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together some common questions, we get asked about them.

The definition of a small pool

A small pool is small, right? But how small? Well, it can differ, but in general, a small pool is considered anything that’s less than 7 metres long and no longer than 3.5 metres wide. Small pools typically aren’t as deep as a bigger pool with a depth of around 1.2 metres.

Do you have many small pools to choose from?

The great thing about modern-day fibreglass pools is there is an abundance of sizes to choose from – smaller ones included. All our petite pools are simply condensed versions of our larger series, so this allows you to have the same pool, just smaller. Some of our best-sellers include:

  1. Kidney pixie
  2. Swim Spa
  3. Brampton 5.2m x 4.4m
  4. Billabong Plunge pool
  5. Billabong slimline 6.2 x 2.8

What benefits are there to choosing a smaller pool?

Many years ago, if you had a small backyard, you didn’t own a swimming pool. Fast forward to now, and modest backyards have just as many pools as big ones. There are quite a few benefits to choosing a small pool, let’s run through some of them:

They use less water

Compact pools don’t require as much water to fill them up initially, and the amount of water needed to top them up is far less than that of a family-sized pool. This can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the pool.

  • Energy consumption is lower

People are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint and are looking at ways to be greener. A little pool uses far less energy than a larger pool, the equipment doesn’t have to be as powerful or run excessively to get the job done.

  • They heat well

As the volume of a small pool is significantly less than a big pool, they don’t take as long to heat up. This can save you money on energy, and you get a warmer pool faster, so its win, win.

  • Frees up more room for other elements in the backyard

You want your pool to complement your backyard, not engulf it. Choosing a small pool enables you to fit in other things such as grass or an entertainment area.

  • Surrounds are more affordable

Every pool needs fencing and paving or an alternative. The area surrounding a small pool is less so not as much material is needed and therefore saves you money.

  • Fewer chemicals are required to clean the pool

Your pool chemicals go further with a small pool, the dose needed to clean the water is generally lower.

  • Same top-notch features

All the features you know and love in our larger pools can be found in our smaller pools. Choosing a smaller pool doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality.

  • Accessories are cheaper to buy

The number of accessories you can have for a swimming pool is endless, and the ones for a smaller pool are typically cheaper. Some examples of this are pool covers and cleaners.

  • Ideal for spa jets

Many of our modest-sized pools have generous bench seating which is ideal for relaxing for extended periods. Only one thing could make it better, and that’s spa jets. Installing spa jets allows you to use your pool for both fun and relaxation.

How small is too small to fit a pool?

This is a common question, and understandably so. When determining whether a swimming pool will fit in your backyard or not, you need to consider not only the pool but the fencing, surrounds and equipment too. The smallest pool in our collection is 4.2 m x 1.6 m. If this won’t fit, there are other options available to you, such as a spa or if you have more room in the front yard, you may be able to install it there instead. The best way to get a definitive answer is by speaking with one of our expert consultants, they can offer friendly advice on your options.

Can you do laps properly in a small pool?

If you want a pool for swimming laps in, a small pool probably isn’t the best choice however, there is a way around it. You can install swim jets in a small pool, and this allows you to do laps. They work by propelling water towards you, which is used as resistance to swim against. The great thing about swim jets is that you can control how powerful the water is, so you customise your workout to suit your fitness levels.

Are small pools cheaper?

Smaller pools are generally more affordable than large ones and this is due to the amount of excavation needed compared to a large pool. Less labour and less digging equal less money. While smaller pools are cheaper, the savings aren’t massive in most instances.

Can I decide how my small pool is installed?

Like all our other pools, you can choose how you want your small to be installed whether that’s inground, partially above ground or above ground. Our skilled team can advise of the best option given the layout of your yard.

Is it cheaper to run a small pool?

As we touched on earlier, it is typically cheaper to run a small pool when compared to the operating costs associated with a large pool. The pump used in a smaller pool doesn’t need to have the same kind of horsepower that a large pool pump does. The volume of water in a small pool is much less so the pump doesn’t need to run for as long to circulate the entirety of the pool. The pump is by far the biggest energy consumer when it comes to your pool equipment, so cutting down the time that it runs, and the energy needed to operate it is always a good thing. Another way small pools are cheaper is that the surface area is smaller, so time spent scooping out leaves and debris is reduced. If you have an automatic cleaner, it only needs to run for a fraction of the time compared to one in a large pool.

How can I be sure that a small pool is best suited to me?

We always suggest asking yourself what you want out of a pool. Do you want plenty of room to entertain or just simply somewhere to relax after a long day? Figuring this out can help you decide if a small pool will be a good fit for you or not. Worry not, our highly skilled team can help you navigate through your options to find the perfect fit.

Does it take long to install a small pool?

Our fibreglass pools are straightforward to install, and we can have your new pool installed in a matter of a week.

If you have any more questions about a small pool for your home, contact our friendly north brisbane pool builders here at Barrier Reef Pools.

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