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Typical Insects in Idaho

While residing in or visiting Idaho, you might come into contact with many pests and insects. While some bugs can be found in any region, some are unique to our wonderful state. If you need help with an insect problem, click here. In Idaho, common insects include:


The best strategies to prevent ants are to maintain a clean environment and reduce wetness. Tidying up after mealtime by doing the dishes immediately, wiping off countertops, and sweeping crumbs off the floor are easy ways to reduce the appeal of your home to ants.

A bedbug

Due to their ability to hide and ability to feed on people as they sleep, bed bugs are among the most uncomfortable of pests. Some information on bed bugs in Idaho is as follows:

  • After a vacation, they most frequently hitch rides on baggage and old furniture.
  • Restaurants, dorms, and resorts are examples of locations where bed bugs are much more likely to exist.
  • On the bed sheets, they leave rust-colored blood spots and feces.
  • The size of an apple seed, bed bugs are either transparent or brown/red.


These bugs annoy people more than anything else. Idaho is home to three different cockroach species: The German Cockroach, The Brown-Banded Cockroach, and the American cockroach.


The non-native European earwig is the most prevalent species we typically encounter around our houses, yet most native earwig species are benign. By devouring the plant-eating aphids, they can help a garden, though.

Ticks and fleas

Although people can also bring in fleas and ticks, pets are the primary source of their entry into homes. Both species can spread disease, but Idaho does not have as many of them as more humid states do. 


Flies are primarily an annoyance, but they can also pose health problems by infecting food with bacteria. Many simple fixes or at-home remedies help reduce or get rid of flies in your house.


Idaho has significantly fewer mosquitoes than many other states in the US, yet we still have them. 


When the temperature outside starts to cool off, they frequently go indoors, as many pests do.

Stinging bugs

If you have small children who want to explore and play in your yard, bees, wasps, and hornets can make an outdoor area dangerous. Meat attracts a lot of stinging insects as well, so it is best to eat outside and clean up right away to reduce the number of wasps and bees.

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