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What Are the Best Ways To Promote Yourself as a Real Estate Agent?

As a real estate agent, you run a small business. Therefore, you need to promote yourself wherever possible if you want to generate more listings and sales. According to Joshua Furr, a real estate expert, it is important for agents to have a diverse marketing strategy that can help them promote their business from multiple angles. What are a few of the best ways real estate agents can promote themselves, and what are some of the benefits of these strategies?

1. Use Online and Direct Mail Marketing

The vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for something they need. This includes houses, but Joshua Furr says one the best strategy is to take advantage of online and direct mail marketing. There are plenty of online strategies you can use. For example, you might want to share information about your listings on Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, you should use direct mail postcards, which had a long, proven, and successful track record. Even though it may be more difficult to scale real estate postcards, try to focus on a particular subdivision you are targeting. Blitz the area with postcards to see if you can generate listings.

2. Have an Official Website

There is never a second chance to make a first impression, and your online footprint is probably going to be responsible for that first impression. Even though social media can be helpful, a standard website is critical. This is the foundation of your digital identity, and it is a place where you can post educational content, listings, and reviews from prior clients. Remember that the internet is usually forever, so a blog post you write today can still generate more listings for you 10 years from now.

3. Use Drone Footage To Stand Out

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, but one of the best way to do so is to use drone footage. Even though beautiful pictures are still going to be the foundation of your real estate listing, you need to use videos to truly make a strong impression on your clients and potential buyers. A drone can provide everyone with a completely different perspective on the property, showing it from a different angle. Use drone footage to generate instant interest in your real estate listings while promoting yourself as a creative agent.

Build a Solid Real Estate Marketing Strategy

If you are a real estate agent, it is important for you to think about which marketing strategies are best. You should try to take advantage of multiple channels if you want to get your name in front of as many people as possible. According to Joshua Furr, it is also important for real estate agents to be aware of their most important key performance indicators. Even though the number of units sold is important for the bottom line, real estate agents also need to know where most of their leads are coming from. That way, they can prioritize their marketing dollars effectively.

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