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What is the most expensive real estate in the world to buy?

The most expensive real estate in the world is a mansion in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens. A businessman purchased this house for $77 million in 2007, now valued at $120 million. The owner of this mansion has named it “Lanarca” after his daughter, Alexandra Lanarca.

A mansion in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, own the mansion. It’s called Kensington Palace, in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens (a park).

According to The Daily Telegraph, the prince bought the property in 1989 for £11 million ($15.7 million—$1 billion today). That sounds like an outrageous amount of money at first glance, but consider that this is just one house among many he owns around Britain; he also has a castle at Highgrove in Gloucestershire that costs approximately $50 million per year to maintain.

A townhouse in New York’s Upper East Side

This New York City neighborhood is home to many of the city’s wealthiest residents, including President Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The 209 East 79th Street townhouse has been listed for $100 million by JDS Development Group, which claims it’s “the most valuable residence in New York City.”

The property measures 6,000 square feet and includes seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It also includes an elevator that can move up to four people at once, an art gallery with a glass dome ceiling that looks down on Central Park West (which connects with another property owned by JDS), as well as three private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people each.

A mansion in Paris, France

The most expensive real estate in the world is a mansion in Paris, France. The home was purchased by an American couple in 2018 for $ 100 million.

The mansion is located on Rue de Montaigne, considered one of the most prestigious streets in Paris’ 14th arrondissement (district). It was worked somewhere in the range of 1872 and 1881 by Jules Jusserand, who additionally planned a few other lavish homes along this road during that period, including another well-known home named “Les Marronniers,” which became famous after being featured in many books about French aristocracy during those years due to its luxurious interior design features like chandeliers made out of gold and crystal glass windows that could be opened up during hot summers months when temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius outside; however, none compare with this particular property because it has been described as having “the finest façade ever built anywhere” according to architectural historian Bernard Bajou who wrote about his visit back then: “I saw myself surrounded by some kind of dreamlike atmosphere.”

A castle in Germany’s Black Forest near Freiburg

Located in Germany’s Black Forest near Freiburg, this castle was initially built as a hunting lodge for the Duke of Nassau. In 1872, it was acquired by railroad executive Henry Huttleston Rogers who used the property as his summer home. As you can imagine, he had some pretty big plans for the space—he purchased an additional 11 acres (and two additional buildings). He hired architect Richard Morris Hunt to remodel everything inside.

The result was a wealthy estate with gilded wood and marble interiors; today, it houses five bedrooms plus two guesthouses with kitchenettes. The property also offers access to its private lake where guests can swim or boat, along with views straight out onto Lake Constance from most rooms!

A houseboat on the River Thames in London

The most expensive real estate in the world is a mansion on the River Thames in London.

The Sultan of Brunei owns this property, known as Kensington Palace Gardens. It was built by Queen Victoria in 1887 as a summer residence for her and Prince Albert during their time in England. The current owner purchased the houseboat from him in 2004 for $100 million—which was already considered relatively high-end because it sold at auction for less than half its assessed value (a value based on what an expert says it would cost to build).

The most expensive piece of real estate is a mansion in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens.

The most expensive real estate in the world is a mansion in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens. The three-story house was built between 1841 and 1845 and has been owned by the same family since 1911. It’s currently listed as a Grade 1 building and described as “one of London’s finest period homes.”

The property was built for Sir William Henry Cavendish, 5th Bt., whose family had been involved with politics since 1689 when they were appointed Knights Companion to King James II—a time when Catholics were forbidden from sitting on Parliament seats or holding public office positions (they would later become known as “Huguenots”).


The most expensive real estate in the world is a prime property. The following properties have been listed as the most expensive on websites such as Forbes and Mansion Global. The highest price ever paid for a home was $211,500 per square foot ($2,111 per square meter), achieved when David Geffen bought his mansion in Malibu, California.

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