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Best Hospitality Experience in the UAE

UAE lists among the top tourist destinations worldwide. The constantly evolving landscape, stunning tourist spots, and unmatched hospitality makes the country a traveler’s haven. If you are ready for the best hospitality experience in the UAE, Aldar Hospitality has made it possible. They are the country’s leading real estate developers and managers with 13 premium hotels, 3 golf clubs, marinas, and more. So, what all they have to offer? Let’s find out.

About Aldar Hospitality

Aldar Hospitality is a dedicated group by Aldar Properties, UAE’s leading real estate developers. Today, the hospitality section has come a long way with 13+ hotels, 3 gold clubs, 3 beaches, 3 marinas, 4000+ rooms, and 70+ outlets, covering a total area of 12,493 SQM.

If you are looking for new experiences in UAE to unleash your inner self, head to one of their hospitality facility. Here are the signature facilities in detail.

Notable experiences 

  • Yas Island hotels

Of 14 majestic hotels, seven of them are located on the world-famous Yas Island. Yas Island is one of the UAE’s most important leisure islands, with easy accessibility, infrastructure, and world-class amenities. If you are looking for fun Yas Island activities, head to their signature hotels, such as W, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Rotana, Park Inn, Centro, and Staybridge Suites.

  • Pristine beaches

The Aldae Hospitality currently holds exclusive beach clubs to provide guests with a private and refined experience. You can check out the three stunning beaches: Saadiyat, Kai Beach, and Soul Beach.

  • Lush green golf clubs

Nothing beats a relaxing weekend at a golf club. That’s why Aldar brings you three exclusive golf clubs: Yas Links Golf Club, Yas Acres Golf and Country Club, and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. Situated right along with sparkling shores of Yas Island, you enjoy breathtaking lush green views with beautiful blue waters.

A subtle approach to sustainability

Since Aldar Hospitality aims to contribute to long-term development, they are also well aware of sustainability. With rapid industrialization worldwide, we really need a sustainable approach to preserve our mother earth. That’s why Aldar implements sustainability in four ways:

  • Environment: Their supply chain focuses on minimizing their carbon footprint, considering the UAE’s climatic and environmental conditions.
  • People: The hospitality group also ensures its employees’ safety at any point in the operations.
  • Community: Aldar believes in moving forward as one strong community. The company treats its stakeholders like a family, making decisions with everyone’s contribution.
  • Economy: With innovative and sustainable policies, the real estate company works on various projects to boost the economy.

Bottom Line

 Overall, UAE will never disappoint you when it comes to hospitality and luxury. Whether you are heading for a short business trip or a long vacation, Aldar Hospitality welcomes you with the best of all. From providing luxury stay options to exquisite golf club weekends and beach access, they provide their guests with the best hospitality experience. Are you a guest? Or are you an investor? Aldar Properties has something for everyone. Contact their team for the best assistance today!

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