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Four Tips For Creating More Living Space At Home

One of the most frequent motivations that prompts residents to learn more about interior design is the desire for more, or better optimised, space at home. While the capacity of a property may be finite, there are an extensive number of ways in which rooms can be designed and arranged to allow for greater comfort, storage, and sense of expansion.

The optimal design for any property is certain to be different each time, with architecture playing a key role in potential capacity. However, there are a number of basic considerations that remain true for all homes. Those who understand and embrace them will find that they are rewarded with more living space and a greater disposition for comfort too.

Create Storage

Incorporating storage into your home’s design is fundamental to optimal living space. While most homes will be readily equipped with the standard cupboard and shelf space, there are many other ways that residents can benefit their homes.

Larger furniture, for example, can be designed with interior storage. This means sofas and beds become home to lesser-used items, such as spare bedding and blankets, doubling the furniture’s usefulness. Some residents even find adding crates to the underneath of their furniture a brilliant way to turn empty space into useful storage.

Build New Structures

When discussing the expansion of a living space, some residents will imagine extensions. These investments, while costly, are a worthy investment for those with the time and money to spare. However, the idea of building new structures doesn’t need to break the bank.

Summer houses, annexes, and cabins are all great value and long-lasting investments that not only transform a garden but a home too, creating a new area of space for a home. Residents are using such structures as a platform for a range of exciting designs, from outdoor dining areas to private office spaces.

Design Upward

The nature of our bodies inclines us to design spaces horizontally. Our eyesight rests at a certain level and deviating from this can feel unnatural. However, one only needs to begin raising shelf height and adding decor to the upper portion of a room to begin realising that vertical interior designs have a positive effect on a home.

Alongside making a room feel tall, verticality within interior design helps to create more storage space, as well as alleviating assets from a home’s lower living space, meaning that residents can easily improve their comfort at home by simply embracing higher heights.

Decluttering, Regularly

Belongings are the cost of space and, the more we occupy a home the more likely we are to accumulate more belongings. While many of these will be valuable in some way, whether as a utility or a source of joy, many will not. To ensure that a home is kept clear from clutter, residents should make a habit of regularly clearing out their belongings and asking themselves if each item they’ve accumulated is worth the space that it occupies.

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