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Making the Choice to Settle in the French Alps: What do you Need to Know?

Europe is a beautiful continent with plenty to discover. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people across the globe seek to relocate there. One of the most sought-after European countries for residence is France. Magnificent art, delicious food, and great fashion are some of the factors that entice people across all walks of life to France. For nature lovers, France also proves to be a great destination thanks to its various mountain ranges, making it a great place to explore all year round. If you’re looking for hikes in summer or skiing down the slopes in winter, look no further.

The French Alps are a popular location where many people seek to visit. With a high demand for the region, many real estate firms have decided to specialize in the area: it can therefore prove tricky to find who to turn to when you are looking to stay – or live – there. This is where Fée Pour Vous comes in: a real estate agency in Megève, France, it is a trusted and highly acclaimed agency that deals in luxury properties.

Why Should Fée Pour Vous Be Your Preferred Agency?

  • Fée Pour Vous has built expertise in real estate over two decades.
  • The agency has experience as a real estate agent as well as a chalet operator. So whether you wish to stay for a holiday or forever, this may be the place of your dreams.
  • Fée Pour Vous offers a broad range of properties to choose from : whether you want to experience your stay in a chalet or a villa. The agency is fully committed to offering thoroughly checked properties in order to make sure you enjoy your stay to the fullest, or that you find your dream home in the French Alps.

The Advantages that Come with Fée Pour Vous as Your Agency

  • You are guaranteed to have experienced chefs, drivers, and butlers at your service whenever you reside at any of the agency’s properties. If you are on vacation, expect to be pampered with a top notch concierge team to help with your activities and chefs to make you discover the local cuisine. 
  • Fée Pour Vous can also provide drivers that can help with transport to and from the airport.

It is important to remember that in real estate, location is a significant element of consideration. There are details that can make all the difference for your experience. There is a need to assess the reason why the French Alps are a perfect place of residence for those looking to settle.

Why Should you Settle in the French Alps?

  • The beautiful scenery of the mountain ranges.
  • Perfect space for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.
  • Close proximity to schools. This is interesting to take into account, especially for those relocating with school-aged children. 
  • Accessibility: the region is well connected thanks to several airports, train stations, etc.
  • Tourism : museums, medieval castles… The region is rife with many things to discover, no matter the season. 

Listed above are a few reasons why the French Alps make the cut as an ideal location to settle or to discover. What are you waiting for?

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