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The Life of A Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry provides various career opportunities for business, contracting, development, finance and investment. Real estate agents negotiate property purchases and other real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, renters or leasers. Understanding the responsibilities and qualifications of a real estate agent can help you make a more informed career choice.

What is the life of a real estate agent like?

A day in the life of a real estate agent begins with checking and replying to emails, voicemails and other messages for appointment confirmations or updates. After verifying their appointments, they can rearrange their schedule to accommodate updates and plan out their routes to meet with clients or show properties. Real estate agents might prepare the necessary paperwork for their day, such as marketing materials, property reports, or property purchase agreements. Around the afternoon, when clients have lunch breaks or free time, real estate agents might have several properties to show them to meet their needs.

Real estate agents allow enough time for their appointments to see potential property options and discuss the sale process. They can advise their clients on available lending or brokerage services to help them negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. In the evenings, after completing their appointments, a real estate agent might create summary or market reports to follow up with clients and inform them of property updates. They may also allow time to check recent property sales, or listings to gain an understanding of market trends and update their industry knowledge.

Real estate agent skills


Real estate agents conduct appraisals, negotiations, reports and transactions, which require detailed accounting and specified pricing figures. A real estate agent drafts purchase agreements that list deposits, payments, down payments, taxes and other fees. As clients submit payments, a real estate agent updates purchase agreements to reflect remaining balances.


An important part of maintaining a client base and negotiating deals is communication skills. Real estate agents respond promptly and thoroughly to inquiries and questions. A real estate agent also makes sure to provide frequent and relevant updates to keep clients engaged in the buying or selling process.


A real estate agent is able to develop marketing plans to gain new clients and sell properties efficiently. Marketing can involve outreach campaigns or designing advertisements for properties. When listing properties for sale, a real estate agent’s marketing skill allows them to write attractive property descriptions.


Real estate agents represent a buyer or seller through a purchase agreement and negotiate for them to receive a beneficial deal. A real estate agent understands how to mediate between two parties and resolve conflicts. Well-developed negotiation skills can make the overall negotiation process go smoother and quicker.


A real estate agent researches market information from selling, pending or sold properties to understand market trends. These trends allow them to forecast their own sales and set appropriate prices to sell their properties. Understanding comparable properties can also inform a real estate agent on how to advise their clients when deciding on a purchase.


A majority of real estate work requires adequate scheduling to meet with clients and show them multiple properties. Scheduling skills can help them plan their day and travel routes. Real estate agents understand how to prioritize items in their schedules to manage their workload.


Real estate agents use technology and software to manage property listings and client information. Some software and applications can help automate lead generating and market reporting responsibilities. Technological skills ensure that real estate agents can optimize their work processes and keep their information organized.

Real Estate Agents wear many hats, this is why it is important to get to know who you are working with.

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