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A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Generator for your Home

Every property needs a back-up power supply whenever there is a power outage. A Bellwood Rewinds generator can help in ensuring that processes at home are not affected by lack of electricity. Some of the most important things that homeowners need to consider are the regulation of temperatures, charging of mobile devices, lighting, and food storage. You need to ensure that the services keep running. Read on to find out the ideal generator for your rooms.

Consider the Energy requirements at Home

A generator’s capacity will determine whether it can power up all systems at home or not. When installing a new generator, it is a requirement to restructure the house’s electrical circuit board. Factor the standard electrical supply from local suppliers, as well as have a professional electrician do the job.

Homes operate differently and will have varied power consumption. Air conditioners do not use similar energy to power and function. Here is how home equipment differ in consumption;

Heater – 1500 Watts

Air Conditioner 1500 – 2000 Watts

Fridge: 600 Watts

Lights: 50 – 500 Watts

Computers: 50 – 300 Watts

It is easy to find the ideal generator for your premises since companies use Watts to indicate the output. Devices that run on mortars will have a higher power requirement to operate. A portable generator works well when you want to produce low wattage power over a short period. The devices cannot run for a full day. Homeowners can choose standby generators for an uninterrupted power supply. The equipment can be helpful in operating medical equipment and as pumping systems at homes. Below are other factors to consider;


Most people buying a generator will have a budget that they are working with. There is a wide range of generators that homeowners can consider when looking to buy one for their homes. You can find suitable equipment for the right price. The prices differ depending on the generator’s specifications and functionalities.


Generators will mainly operate on gas, petrol, and diesel. However, some work on solar. Diesel-powered systems are affordable and will offer greater performance at home. They are durable and offer value for money. Petrol is cleaner than diesel, thus making it more expensive. Generators that operate on gas produce less noise, and they can probably run on other types of fuel. Solar generators are eco-friendly as they use energy from the sun to produce electricity. They are more expensive than other generators.


Portable generators need supervision when it is in operation. Machines operating on diesel and petrol require minimal maintenance. They are mechanical and require less amount of fuel to function. However, it is vital to conduct regular repair and maintenance to a generator. It improves power output and fuel consumption.


The unreliable power supply and harsh weather conditions necessitate homeowners to purchase generators. It helps in keeping systems running and making the house comfortable. Consider finding the ideal generator for your place to have a back-up power supply in case of outages.

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