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How To Rent A Property In Thailand?

We plan to make the leasing system a lot simpler for you, on account of our huge choice of properties, and our far reaching approach of the Thai housing market.

  • Initial contact

Our representatives listen cautiously to your requirements and characterize with you your undertaking in regards to your rules and guidelines:

Your underlying spending plan

The sort of property

The area of the property

The length of the leasing

The quality and workmanship of the property

The lawful cycles engaged with leasing a property

We keep you educated about the best chances of the market and guide you during all the strategy.

  • Organize the Visits

Our group will set up a choice as indicated by your measures.

Normally, we will present you a few properties in an area coordinating with your necessities. Also, to visit, a fine choice of properties you will find out about the climate, places…

In the event that in the principal choice, you didn’t discover yet your future home, we will adjust the determination with the new data sources and standards you might have following the visit to set up another choice.

3- Lease understanding

Whenever you have chosen your property, we arranged a few arrangements and go with you to choose the best loft. Then, at that point we draft the rent concurrence with the proprietor.

Here a few components ought to be determined in the rent understanding like the accompanying:

Span of the rent

Beginning of the rent


Measure of safety store (typically 2 months)

Additional administrations remembered for the rent (assuming any)


Identification duplicate of occupants

In the wake of concurring on each term of the agreement, vender, purchaser and engineer meet to consent to the rent arrangement.

You will be relied upon to pay:

Security: 2 months/lease

The primary month if the lease ahead of time

4- Membership and extra administrations

Memberships and administrations, for example, TV satellite, Internet…

5-Moving in

The date of the moving in, we invite you with the proprietor to make the timetable of elements. Then, at that point, we convey you the keys and guarantee your great foundation.

Useful data:

Which data to consider prior to meeting our representatives?

The objective/area

The span of the rent understanding

Your financial plan

The date of your moving in

Mark of the rent arrangement prior to moving in

For long haul rental:

1 or 2 months prior to moving contingent upon how long you will registration subsequent to marking the agreement

For transient rental:

Full Payment ahead of time and pay store at the registration


We offer free types of assistance. Besides, a commission is paid by the proprietor and involved in the lease. So unquestionably, you beneficiate significant administrations at no expense.

What is remembered for the lease?

The lease ordinarily covers the leasing of the property, furniture, normal expenses. Moreover, hope to pay the power, water, Internet, Phone… and extra administrations (contingent upon the provisions of the rent understanding). These auctions, via sites such as Industrial properties in Thailand  are also available online.

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