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Is it difficult to invest in the property?

As a real estate agent, he pays a good approach to the list of commercial goods. A system in the process is a good idea. Not only will a system help you ask the right questions, but it will show your professionalism to the owners.

When you register in a competitive market, it is very likely that another agent or two will inspect the same property later on the same day. It follows that the agent who is most professional in the inspection process is highly placed to win the list.

When times are busy, you can inspect 2 or 3 properties per day for the purpose of the list. Thus, an inspection process of the property is useful for you in your list conversions. I split the process in 2 levels as below.

My process of inspection of a commercial, industrial or detail property may be similar to the following:

The preparation

Discover the title of title detail before accessing the property
See if clutter or passage rights have an impact on the property and if so how
Get a copy of the local survey plan for the street and the region
See what zoning and construction codes for the property
See if there are orders or opinions on the property yet in the office of the local building authority
Look for the sale and history of rental in recent years
Review the profile of the tenant and rental of known leases
Get details on recent comparable sales and rentals in the region
Look for comparable properties in the same area that can be for sale or rent now and this could affect the marketing of the property.
What vacancy factors currently exist in the property?

Check the limits of the property and proximity of neighbors
Walk the local street to understand visibility and access to the site
Look at the signaling of the property for identity and impact
Examine building improvements for fitness and function. Are they what the market wants today?
Get a copy of the rental calendar for review
Find out about the implementation of income and expenses (especially if the property is for future sale)
Stroll through the property with the owner or the owner while asking questions about the performance of the current property
Examine spatial rental and common areas for the practition and operation of real estate investment
Search for vacancies and see if they hang out in the other renters nearby
Ask the anchor tenants if they apply in the property and get a copy of the leases to see the conditions of occupancy.
Take many photos that can help you later with notes and an examination analysis
When you inspect a commercial property for the first time, it paid all the following facts before reaching the property. In the actual inspection, get more details from the owner of the current problems and concerns. As a general rule, do not take a price a property at the inspection. It is far better to take the inspection information for a larger analysis. You can then formally submit your conclusions to the owner at a later meeting.

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