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Trends Shaping the Future of Luxury Living

 The real estate industry has been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis. But, the past few months have seen an improvement as there are fewer cases of the virus being reported daily. This is a good sign for the real estate industry as things are slowly getting back to normal. But the pandemic has brought about a change in our lifestyle. With more people opting for work-from-home, there is a demand for homes that not only offer good amenities but also have sufficient space to set up a home office. With the change in the perception and lifestyle of people, the real estate sector, especially the luxury segment, will see some positive changes. Here are a few trends that will shape the future of luxury living in India.

Smart Homes

Recent years have witnessed smart homes gaining prominence. The trend for these technologically advanced homes is expected to continue into the future. Smart homes are equipped with features and amenities that offer a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to the homeowners. Security cameras, gas and fire detectors, controlled lighting, entertainment, and unique indoor environments, created with the help of home automation systems, are just a few features that make smart homes a comfortable and desirable abode.

Themed-based Housing

Many people want homes that not only offer a superior lifestyle but are also unique in every aspect. This is why theme-based housing and homes at exotic places like luxurious villas in Goa are becoming increasingly popular among wealthy homebuyers. These homes are built in various styles and designs, ranging from sports-theme to Hollywood, and even cultural themes like the Mediterranean, Greek, etc. With major cities facing the problems of space constraints and congestion, many people are opting for open-space-themed homes. These homes comprise certain spectacular amenities like an abundance of open and green spaces and landscaped gardens to name a few. Certain other features like jogging tracks, sports facilities, and clean surroundings provide a healthy environment to the people.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the way the modern consumer is buying homes. Many developers are using VR to market their high-end homes. With virtual reality, homebuyers can undertake virtual tours of the property from their home or office. Since buyers do not have to physically visit every site, it saves them precious time and money. They need to personally check only that particular property which they expect to buy. Also, some developers are using this new technology to market their high-end homes to overseas investors. Without having to travel to India, NRIs can view the structure and the amenities that the developers are offering in their luxury apartments.

Incredible Amenities 

Many home buyers are looking for luxury apartments and complexes that offer features that will make their life easy and convenient. Theatres, shopping complexes, swimming pools, gymnasiums, health clubs, restaurants, and commercial spaces in the precincts of townships are just a few features that have contributed to the increasing popularity of luxury housing among people. Homebuyers are willing to pay extra money to lead a comfortable life.

Luxury housing has seen a rise in popularity because of the immense benefits that it has to offer. People want homes that are comfortable and have an abundance of green spaces. This has encouraged many leading developers to construct apartments that have a unique architecture, are technologically advanced, and offer healthy amenities. One of the leading realty firms, the Dynamix Group is providing homebuyers, state-of-the-art luxury apartments in Mumbai, Thane, and Goa. The projects like Parkwoods in Thane, Woodlands in Goregaon, and Aldeia De Goa at Bambolim Beach are spacious, luxurious, strategically located, and will surely elevate the life of the homebuyers. So whether you are planning to purchase a seaside 2BHK apartment in Goa or a home in the interior or suburbs of Mumbai, make sure that you buy from reputed developers like Dynamix.

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