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Application and Selection of the Best Garage Floor Paints

Garage floors require paints that prevent the growth of mould and is important to choose paint with the correct formulation for perfect wear. There are two types of paints usable in painting garage floors namely, latex acrylic concrete floors paint and Epoxy garage floor paint. These paints when used make the surfaces impervious to chemicals, oil, stain, scuffing, gasoline leaks, and chipping.

Garage paints give the surface a shiny finish with a metallic appearance and 3-dimensional achieve perfect results it is important to follow the provided information on garage floor paints from the experts. The garage is let too dry before use with an excellent coating. The paints are available in several colours from which clients can pick their preferences. Depending on the style and look someone is looking to achieve, they can use a bright or a dark colour for the garage floor.

Types of paint used on garage floors include

Concrete floor paint

This type of paint is tough and is either oil-based or latex. They are affordable and easy to apply with simple steps and the floor gets well coated.

Latex floor paint

This type of paint has a glossy appearance, a levelled finish is easy to apply and clean. They are however short-lived and prone to damage by chemicals and road salt. The garage surface may require frequent retouch, waxing, and reapplication.

Concrete stain coating

When used on garage floors they give it a marbled and pigmented appearance. They are applied using a roller or a sprayer and left to soak into the concrete. It requires two coats of the paint and scrubbing using a nylon brush.

Concrete sealer

They are produced in a tinted and clear version. The sealers are tough and are easy to apply on surfaces. The floor appears semi-glossy and clear depending on the type of product used. Some are solvent-based while others are water-based. Concrete sealers can be decorative or penetrative on concrete.

Urethane concrete sealer

This type of garage paint is tough and resists bonding when applied on bare concrete. They are chemical resistant and have a glossy, clear finish. Some require the use of a respirator for application and are more expensive than acrylic sealers.

Steps followed in garage floor painting are

  1. Cleaning and preparation of the floor aim to remove dirt, grease, and dirt. This is done by scrubbing and adding detergent to degrease the floors.
  2. Filling in cracks on the surface by patching bigger ones and filling deep cracks. Before using a product, it is useful to read the instructions given by manufacturers for successful garage painting.
  3. Etching of floors. The etching process makes the floors more porous hence absorbs faster and better.
  4. Applying a bonding primer that increases the adhesion of paint.
  5. The application of the paint should be such that the garage floor is smooth and well covered and have an appealing finish.


Garage floor painting is a transformative and easy process that makes the garage appear clean and fresh. Painted garage floors are protected from damages such as the effect of automobile fluids and the growth of mould and mildew. They also make the floor water-resistant, easy to clean, and prevent dust accumulation in the garage. Cleaning, preparation, and repair of spoilt garage floors are necessary before painting is is also recommended that a bonding primer is applied to the floor before the paid is used to coat it.

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